Removal of characters

Seems like this'll be the final thread I'll be writing on this. *** Some background: So about three years ago Riot removed the old Trundle in favor of a new Trundle. These characters are different characters, and for this thread it is entirely irrelevant which you like more. The point here is that Riot removed an old character entirely, leaving only a husk, a skin, in favor of a new one. They know they did. [Even back then Riot knew what they were doing.]( Perhaps the current team disagrees with decisions made back then. Perhaps not. What is apparent however is that there has been no notion of bringing back the old Trundle from Riot in these three years. Even if they view it as a mistake, they do not intend to fix it. From this I've taken that Riot does not care about their characters. They do not mind removing them when they no longer like them. For if they did care, why would they have removed a character that they themselves admitted was a compelling one as they removed it? And when Riot doesn't care about the characters, I don't want to either. I'd only get hurt again when they next change or remove one. So over these three years I've been making myself care less and less about Riots characters. With this however, I also removed my care for the game, for I am a person that enjoys games so much more when there's lore behind it. *** Personal effects: So after three years I've just given up. I realise I've actually stopped playing this game, despite in the past being a rather zealous player, actively attempting to improve and rise in the ranks. The past months I already stopped playing but for our ranked team. Even that has halted with Riot removing ranked 5s. On top, I've just stopped coming to these forums. People here may recognize me for my arguing against (and sometimes for) retcons. I haven't checked this forum the past month, though I find myself accidently opening it out of habit. I'm actually amazed myself. I stopped playing this game I loved so much merely because Riot removed a single character. It just happened to be that it was one of my favorite champions and Riot had no good reason to show for his complete removal. Riot as a company I once loved. But now I'm just embittered (ah irony). They do so many things right but a single mistake, one that could've been fixed, alienated me. They lost my trust in a gradual three-year process. *** Riot now: Even now, Riot isn't handling lore very well. Their world is a mystery. Canon is a mess, with fans having no clue what is and isn't canon. New lore comes sporadically. Radical changes that affect old characters, old lore that people care about, are just thrust into the new lore without any warning. Narrative seems a mess to me. The only thing they do right is that their new lore is of a good quality. They would've been doing great had they not been working with lore of a game that has been released for years, that had established lore that people got attached to. *** I decided to write this thread as a piece of closure, for quitting a game that I spent most of my free time on for years. But also as a piece to show Riot how awful they've been handling lore. Maybe Riot'll learn and not hurt any others as carelessly as they hurt me. So yeah, this is pretty much goodbye. I'll stick around for some discussion in this thread and that'll be it (gotta love a good discussion).
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