What's up with these shadows around portraits?

__* EDIT : it's been confirmed to be a bug. but leaving this here to remind Rito to hurry up and fix it already.*__ This new shadow around portraits doesn't look so good in my opinion. this really dark shadow around all the portraits, making them look like they're hiding in the shadows like a bunch of scary Rengars... Looking at it I thought it was a bug with my client but watching streams I realized this is an accross the board change. For most portraits cuts off the chin, a lot of hair if they have hair, or even the mouth, this weird nose and eyes view thing is the norm for most in game portraits. I don't see any benefits other than covering up poor portraits. Is there some kind of mistake? Because this new style looks prety bad, I have to believe there was some some intended shadow effect and it somebody made it too dark by accident. I hope this gets fixed!
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