Please make Fiddlesticks legitimately scary with his update.

Besides Noctrune, the embodiment of fear, i'm pretty sure Fiddlesticks is supposed to be the scariest champion in the game. Well...hes definitely not that. First of all, Id really like to see him have a more scary/creepy aesthetic. He's currently just a dinky little scarecrow. Obviously he'll still be a scarecrow after the rework, but I'd like for him to be more intimidating. Secondly, assuming hes getting a new VO, a scarier voice. He just sounds like a chainsmoker. Maybe he could not have a traditional VO. Perhaps his voice could be, I dont know, like a series of clicks or some other noise. Would be very cool to have a nonhuman VO. His ult is pretty good at inspiring fear. I definitely freak the fuck out when Fiddle ults out of nowhere and decimates my team. But i think his E and Q could use major work. The fear very obviously needs to stay, but I could take or leave the silence. They just need a different method of use other than "click this enemy to cc them". The tether is pretty iconic, but needs work too. Maybe drain nearby enemies? I know i dont have a lot of games on Fidd, but I've always thought his theme was very interesting but couls use some better execution. Thanks for reading.
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