What aspects of the lore do you enjoy the most?

https://imgur.com/xqIiJOb --- ##TL;DR Share what about the lore do you just love and what do you think of the lore in whole? It can be anything. Champions, regions, catalysts, skins, history, maybe even the jist of a theory you have, anything! --- The lore released for the League universe consistently impresses the community. The lore is on its way to becoming a fully fleshed out universe where everything is finally weaving itself together and you can tell the lore team is ~~IN MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE~~ actively working on bringing the lore into a new phase. Let's discuss what parts of the lore really just bring you in and get you interested in its ever-expanding universe. You can even discuss what parts of the lore haven't been fully expanded upon yet that you just can't wait for. --- #{{champion:164}} and The Darkin are my cup of tea. First The Darkin. I don't like them because like _"oh my god super edgy dark fallen angels"_, honestly that idea is just kind ew and bland; I often opt for the good side anyway. It's just when I look at the Aatrox and Rhaast splasharts and then I read the darkin lore it just oozes this feeling of ancient, unimaginable power with vengeance from an ancient society being released upon the world prepared to just start an apocalypse. I especially love Rhaast's character_({{champion:141}} sucks)_. ##Camille If you gone through all of {{champion:164}}'s lore you can sum her up character in 2 words: * Piltover * Batman Not to mention she's a hextech Lin Beifong, drama she has with Hakim and her brother and he granddaughter_(Swain Voiceline)_?! There's just so much going on with her character, I enjoy it so much it's hard to put into words. I guess my choices show I'm a sucker for neutral characters with tragic backstories that they come back from #¯\ ._(ツ)_. /¯
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