Holy guacamole massive Shurima lore update!

Wow, I didn't think that after i made my Shurima post, a bunch of Shurima lore updates would come out! This is literally like Christmas in May for me O.o I kinda just need to write down some of my thought about some of the things that have been uncovered in my post, the Shurima Q&A, and in the Lore updates page. So here I go. 1. Xerath and Azir have essentially the same story as before, Xerath was a slave, Azir about to Ascend and free slaves, Xerath feels betrayed and kills Azir before he can fully Ascend, people die. The same kind of thing. However, a couple of interesting tidbits that I found throughout the story. A. Xerath's original name means "one who shares". However, WAAARGHbobo Has confirmed that his name's meanings could have changed throughout the periods of time. And this was a long, long time ago B. Azir was never meant to be an Emperor, and in fact had many other siblings. Although the other children were killed, that doesn't potentially mean that the Emporer himself had forgotten brothers/sisters that could have potentially become priests or governors themselves. Just my two cents on the issue, highly unlikely though. But priests sometimes do travel far to teach.... C. An odd lighting storm managed to kill both the Queen and her newborn as soon as she was able to have one. There are also rumors of the guards being zapped to death as well. An oddly peculiar detail. Hmmmmmm....... Also as a side note, Rek'sai didnt appear in the "Explore Shurima" page. *cough* *cough* *void event* *cough* Sorry, I seem to have gotten a cold. Moving on. 2. Here are some facts that really stuck out to me from the Q&A, all original quotes can be found here. [](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/Ftv5EUdw-shurima-story-qa?show=rundown) A. Ascendents are not Invincible, however they are immortal. This means they can live forever, but can die in battle. Think Artemis's hunters kind of thing. This could potentially mean we have some really, really, reallllyyyyyyyy old animal dudes running around. B. Rammus has a connection to the number 33. Ok. C. A sol saw Azir's failed Ascension. Woops. D. Not really pure Shurima, But Runeterra has 3 continents. So actually Runterra is a pretty small place! Unless the continents are massive. Like unbelievably massive. E. Amumu's presence upsets kindred. Wether this is because he has avoided death or because he simply cannot die is still unknown. F. Apparently Ascension and becoming an Aspect are similar?(not confirmimundo yet) 3. Lastly, somethings that some of the pleasant people at riot cleared up for me A. Xer has sort of grown into the meaning "devil", and sai is a type of desert rock/sand that is found in Shurima. Xer'sai roughly translate to "Devil of the sand(sai)". However, Xer wasn't always taken very seriously. But over time, the things it was connected to have become more and more of a threat, thus giving it more respect over the years. B. Something a little more interesting. > The current idea is most Void monsters are known by the names they were given when they first invaded ancient Shurima. So most of the phonemes in their names are words in ancient shuriman-- but many modern shurimans aren't aware many of those meanings. I.e. Sivir knows what "Sai" means --it's still a common word-- but she likely has no idea what "gath" meant. (Think of American english's relationship to old english or latin.) I find something about this odd. Why Cho'gath have an ancient name, one that no one really even knows about now if he's this massive monster from the void who's rupturing the ground and creating general havoc wherever he goes? I've kind of narrowed it down to two possibilities. One, void creatures aren't exactly meant to exist on our plane of existence. Look at malzh's voidlings or the void beetles from zz'rot. They have very limited lifespans. So maybe the original gath (or gaths) that once invaded all died, and cho is the newest one since forever. Two, Cho'gath disappeared a long time ago and only now is showing up again. We really dont know yet. Cho still has pretty outdated lore *cough* *cough* *pls rito void event* *cough*. But this also brings up more questions. What about the rest of the void champs? Have Kog'maws and Kha'zixs been around long enough to be given ancient Shuriman names? Or are they new invaders, given new Shuriman names because no one's seen them before? (cept rengo) I've also heard rumors about void portals in the Freljord, and one is confirmed to be in Targon currently. Is it just tradition to name a voidborn a Shuriman name? Or is it possible Targonian or Freljordian voidborn are coming? *coughhghghghghghghplsritopls* Anyways, thats enough of my rambling. I should probably go to sleep now. If there's anything I missed or got wrong, feel free to correct me(probs cause its like 1 in the morning here and i just spent 2 hours on this). I am really excited about League lore and cant wait to see how things develop! Sorry for the massive wall of text. Tl;dr : League lore is really getting better and gaining quite an amount of discussion. Shurima is a cool (hot?) desert. Morde always remembers to iron his shirts.

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