My favorite part of this Nunu rework

Nunu & Willump: To Adventure! | Champion Trailer - League of Legends
What's the best way to see the world? On the back of your best yeti buddy, of course!
It's got to be how perfect Riot keeps him as a child. A kid that loves adventure , has huge and somewhat unrealistic dreams , wants to be friends and just wants to have fun. Nunu is pretty much the only actual kid in League , with Zoe being the other option , but even she is a bit more grown up then Nunu. Annie is quite a dark character and while Yordles are cute , they aren't per say , children. Nunu on the other hand , just the video made me tear up , as I felt connected way back to when I was a kid , and I wanted to go on adventures across the world and play around and have fun. I love this so much , Riot . Congrats , you did a awesome job
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