List of all the champions with first and last names.

So after spending some time on the boards, I got interested by [Towboat421's post]( regarding Draven's and Darius's last names, which lead me to asking myself the following question: How many champions have known first AND last name? And well, here it goes, ranked by regions (if I missed some/got few wrong, let me know and I will fix it). For clarity purpose the display will be the occidental naming patern (First name then last name). **EDIT:** I've also added champions with a confirmed first OR last name that differs to their in-game names. **-Bilgewater-** Sarah Fortune (Miss Fortune) Malcolm Graves Tobias (Twisted Fate) _____ **-Demacia-** Sona Buvelle Garen Crownguard Luxanna Crownguard (Lux) Galio Justice Justice Fiora Laurent Jarvan Lightshield IV Shauna Vayne Xin Zhao _____ **-Icathia-** Saijax Cail-Rynx Kohari Icath’un (Jax) _____ **-Ionia-** Shieda Kayn Konte Riven Irelia Xan _____ **-Noxus-** Evaine (Leblanc) Cassiopeia Du Couteau Katarina Du Couteau Talon Du Couteau (Adopted) Annie Hastur Jericho Swain Elise Kythera Zaavan _____ **-Piltover-** Camille Ferros Cecil B. Heimerdinger Ezreal Lymere (Supposedly) Orianna Reveck _____ **-Shadow Isles-** Yorick Mori (No longer confirmed as canon) _____ **-Shurima-** Azir Omah Sivir Omah (Supposedly) _____ **-Zaun-** Janna Windforce (No longer canon) Zigmund (Ziggs) _____ **-Other-** Ivern Bramblefoot ____ EDIT2: I've added underneath champions with no last name but that rather refer themselves with their tribe/clan/etc. **-Killash Tribe-** Rengar _____ **-Lothlan Tribe-** Rakan Xayah _____ **-Marai Tribe--** Nami _____ **-Nassaj Tribe-** Taliyah _____ **-Shimon Tribe-** Kong (Became Wukong after becoming Master Yi's apprentice) Out of 141 champion, only 24 have both a first and last name that is **confirmed** as canon, 3 are no longer confirmed as canon and 6 don't have a last name but refers themselves with their tribe name. I think this needs some work.
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