PROJECT: Jinx, Is it too late

Ever since I started playing Leauge of legends I've always played jinx I have well over 500k Mastery points on jinx, and I've always dreamt that one day she would get her very own project skin. When Is saw the trailer this year for project skins and saw that my lovely jinx was getting one I was so excited. I've always wanted one for her. When I got to see what the actual skin looked like on the pbe I was a little underwhelmed but tried to love it as I love every other jinx skin. But for me, this skin just doesn't scream Project. Her look is far too organic to me, for it to be a project skin, unfortunately. And I know that its probably far too late for her to get a redesign on the outfit but it is a really big let down for me. I always buy any jinx skin that comes out because I love her so much but I honestly can't support this skin for her unless her outfit gets redesigned as it just doesn't make me happy looking at it. There are so many things that bug me about the skin. When I dreamt about a Project Jinx skin Lingerftc's design of the Project Jinx skin is exactly what I had in mind. Her having the full armor on, with neon tubes as her pigtails. All of her Visual effects are perfect, its just her model that doesnt scream project to me. If I was shown this concept I wouldn't guess Project at all. You should be able to tell right away with out the visual effects that this is a project skin just like all the others. I love the Ashe, Vayne and Jhin skins so much but this one just doesnt hit the mark for me. I doubt that you guys are able to change the skin that much before the release, but I know im not the only one who wants this change. Hopefully the next Jinx skin is amazing and wonderful. I Just cant see my self getting this with my own money. Thanks if anyone reads this.
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