The scary fact about Zoe being an aspect is that........

it means Runeterra must be in deep #$!% for the Celestials to make her an Aspect I mean that seriously though. From the new lore of Mount Taragon we know that Aspects are a rarity that come once every few generations So for there to be not one but FIVE aspects(and likely counting) to appear in one life time is unheard of and may mean a large calamity is approaching Runeterra that needs this many demigods to face. All signs point to the Void being the great danger and the only event i can think of is a massive dimensional breach followed by an invasion of the void like nothing Runeterra has ever seen. Roit seems to be building towards making the void the Ultimate evil that most factions/nations ignore till its too late. So when the void does eventually invade how many aspects will be made to face them? **And will they be enough?**
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