Aatrox vs Mordekaiser

This matchup is almost always being mentioned from Reddit to Youtube in everything affiliated with one of them. So I'm interested in who would win in this matchup. Scenario 1: Current Mordekaiser with his ghost army vs Current Aatrox with his, for the sake of the match, own army. Scenario 2: Current Mordekaiser vs Ascended Aatrox in a classic 1v1 fight. Aatrox feats: Fought against the Void and won, killing a spiritual god similar to Ornn, killing Pantheon, and mastery over blood magic. Mordekaiser feats: conquered the Runeterra twice, slaughtering thousands of warriors to the point of it piling up on the ground, and mastery over necromancy/spirit magic. Who do you guys think would win and why? Am I missing some of their feats? If you don't agree with this matchup then could you please tell me if there is merit or exaggeration in their feats? Thanks for the answers in advance.

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