Let's all take this time to mourn Aatrox's bio removal

Yes, I'm calling it a removal. Went from a god of war who lived to turn the tides in battle to some stupid fucking demon who just possesses some random asshole who picks up his sword. I don't even follow the lore that much but this _**pissed me the FUCK off.**_ You couldn't just fucking change his kit to fit his character so instead you just made his character as shitty as his kit. Congratulations Riot, Fuck you. Edit: This is his new lore, enjoy if it's possible. > "One of the ancient darkin, Aatrox was once a peerless swordmaster who reveled in the bloody chaos of the battlefield. Trapped within his own blade by the magic of his foes, he waited out the millennia for a suitable host to wield him - this mortal warrior was corrupted and transformed by the living weapon, and Aatrox was reborn. Though tales of the darkin have now passed into legend, he remembers only too well the destruction of his race, and wreaks his vengeance one sword blow at a time."

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