A concern, concerning the Void

Within the past two years or so, with all of this new lore being released with champions, updates, events, random comics, stories, etc, I'm beginning to feel this overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction concerning the Void. It feels as though the lore team has been trying a **_bit_** too hard to iterate that the Void is this unstoppable consuming force that is beyond reality and that everyone within Runeterra should fear it. There is nothing wrong with this but, I feel as though in making the Void sound _so_ powerful, it has diminished the importance and prevalence of other stories on all scales. A question I have is, is making sure us players and lore-nerds understand how powerful the Void is, worth diminishing other stories to where they don't feel know where near as important as any story relating to the Void? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate everything the lore team has done, including that of the Void, but it feels as though factors such as the Black Mist, Mordekaiser, Nagakabouros, the War of the Three Queens, Karma and Irelia, The Black Rose/LeBlanc, Demacia (in general), Morgana and Kayle, and Bandle City have just been explored and then immediately put aside for more information about the Void. And I understand that with the retcon, the lore team is trying to tie everything in together, but is it worth 1) not exploring some of the smaller scale plots that have yet to unravel? 2) incorporating the Void in too many storylines (Nami, Targon, Lissandra's Watchers, Darkin/Ascended, etc). In my humble opinion, it'd be nice if the lore team would take a break from the seemingly constant Void hype and take the time to explore the smaller plots already created and awaiting attention. Anyway, a big thank you to the lore team for everything they've done. They are truly a team of masterminds who built a world from the ground up and continuously prove their talent time and time again. <3
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