(Kayle Main Rant)You Can Have Back Your Angelic Stripper Rito!

As a Kayle main on this account since s2 and having also played in s1 on a separate account I feel like if I don't take this opportunity to rant I'm missing out. So here goes. ================================== Dear Rito, I enjoy playing Kayle and I bought her skins or was gifted them because they reflected an archetype that I enjoyed. An angelic knight with armor forged before time itself in this eternal struggle with her sister. A story that derived itself straight from Michael and Lucifer and was very cool to play as and honestly what initially got me into the game. Now however I'm afraid that what I initially bought and have played over a thousand games with has been taken from me and in its place I find you have given me an angelic stripper who is also morally ambiguous. This is not the character I played over a thousand games of this is an entirely different character. In lieu of that I would like all my Kayle skins refunded as it seems the product I had bought has been stolen in the night and replaced with another good of inferior quality. Further, I would like my mastery and game history of kayle erased as I'd rather not be known as the guy who played one thousand games as an angelic stripper. You can understand that my peers might find that unseemly and I don't want to give off the wrong impression. Don't worry I don't hold you oversexualizing characters to make them sell better to teens against you just like I don't hold EA introducing children to gambling against them you are merely making the smart economic choice. Best Regards, ================================== Also in case rito makes the mistake of taking me seriously. Don't worry I was joking about the refunds and changes to my mastery and history I know you don't care about any single customer enough to actually acquiesce to that request. Please note that I don't hate riot employees or any individual working there as I don't know them. I'm criticising riot as a corporation.
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