So why is Sona's Odyssey Emote the one you locked away?

Please, Riot, explain to me what exactly was going through your heads when you decided to screw over all of Sona's fans with this asinine decision. You reveal the emote, only for us to find out that it's only available through this content creator program. Why? Why would you decide this is okay? Jinx fans, Yasuo fans, Malphite fans, they all get their emotes, but I guess Sona's fans can go jump off a pier because now we have to pray we get them from content creators we very well may not give a shit about. It's completely arbitrary, asinine, and unfair. Each content creator got 50 codes? And some of those will be used on friends and loved ones, so that's even less, in a region with millions of players? Are you kidding me? Do you have any clue how many people want her emote? The entire Sona community is livid with you right now. You dangled something nice in our face then took it away. Even though there are people literally *begging* you to take their money for the emote. If you wanted to make creator exclusive content, then maybe those 3 unnecessary Jinx emotes would have worked? Or better yet, instead of screwing over fans of s champion, how about you made an emote that actually has something to do with this program? If you wanted to make an Odyssey emote for this program, then it should have been a general emote for Odyssey, or a special Morning Star emote. There was no reason to screw Sona's fans over like this. Just give us the Sona emote, Riot. Let us give you our money for it. There is zero reason for you to say no. And before anyone says "Who cares, it's just Sona", wait until content for the champion you love is locked away behind bullshit like this. Then you'll care
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