Jinx possible theory or story?

Hey, I got bored one day, and came up with a special idea, about jinx's lore, so without further ado, lets get into things. First, let's go back in time a few decades, to when jinx was born. Now bear with me, this is gonna be a long journey, but I think this theory might be worthwhile. Okay, so many, many years ago, Jinx was born, and soon after, her sister (who is confirmed to exist by Lyte on the howling abyss.), Jinx always wanted her father, and only parent's attention,(This is seen in her Het Jinxed song, where she says "Lets burn this city to ashes, and see what papa thinks") as soon as she was able to speak, and she really wanted to feel more important than her sister, who was younger and more taken care of. Fast forward a few years, Jinx is now around 7-10 years old. She still strives on getting more of her father's attention. Did I also mention they lived in piltover? Anyways, Jinx still wanted her father's attention, but by this age, frankly she was just fed up. Her younger sister was getting more than enough encouragement and love from her father than Jinx could hope for, so, at this age, she ran away from home. On the run, Jinx fled for days, while her father basically made minimal efforts to find her, as by this time, he liked Jinx's sister much more, so on and on, jinx wandered, until she encountered the group of people that Vi grew up with. The group had stayed together for some time, until eventually in the same thing that forced VI to save all of those miners. That was when Jinx got separated from the group and abducted. From there, she was taken by her captors to Zaun, where, as one of his last human test subjects, Jinx was effectively sold to Singed.{{champion:27}} There she was tortured, used, and experimented on until many years later. It was at this time, that Ekko and singed fought in Ekko's cinematic. Now wait, Riot doesn't actually tell us when this happened, so it very well could have happened while Jinx was still in captivity and being experimented on. When Singed was eventually defeated, Jinx was able to escape the hell that Singed made her, but her mind was twisted beyond repair, as well as giving her eyes the inhuman color they have. She remembered one thing though, that She still wanted to impress old Papa. She got some clothes, hence those Zaun street fashions, and ventured out to get back to Piltover. Over the course of her travels, she came across the weapons that she would use to inevitably bring Piltover a large spree of destruction, her guns. With Her mind, twisted much beyond repair, she probably sought to destroy Piltover, the place she didn't feel at home, and eventually take revenge on her father, it was around this time, that Jinx had joined the League of Legends, although willfully or forcefully, we do not know. Well, thanks for reading this little theory I had, if you liked it, and maybe want me to make more (I have more), maybe leave a comment? tell me what I did wrong? I don't know, but some feedback would be appreciated, have a nice day everyone.
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