A Little Taste of Fear - Fiddlesticks VO

Heyo Players and Rioters! With Fiddlesticks upcoming rework incoming (SQUEE!), I was really happy to hear that they were planning to find some way of including the multiple voices in the VO. That audio effect was truly one of the things that hyped me up a ton when I heard they were planning it. So...that brings me to my request. If any Rioters are out there and catch wind of this little post, is there any chance that we can get a little taste of the VO? Perhaps a slice of the audio to whet our appetites (and our scythe blades)? It is, after all, the scariest month of the year here in the States, and I couldn't think of a more fitting time of the year to start hearing the sounds of fear, by which I mean our incoming Fiddlesticks rework. I know this isn't likely to garner much attention, but in this world (and I expect in Runeterra as well), if you don't ask for it, your aren't likely to get it. Perhaps I should also be careful what I wish for...but that is the plot of a whole different set of horror flicks. Regards, Tarcathos
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