What Do People Do in Mitna Rachnun, Anyway?

Specifically the "worthy" who get to stay person-shaped. Morde's color story made it clear the unliving masonry just kind of sits there and suffers all the time. But there's a bit more wiggle room for his armies. They stand stock-still when we see them, but is that all they ever do or is that just for the specific situation the story details? > The worthy souls stand at attention along the hall, and none of them dare speak. > His generals, souls that were worthy to die at his own hand when he last walked the physical realm, stand at attention. None so much as flinch in response. None will move without his direct command. Those quotes make it sound like they were gathered specifically for the invasion. And the use of the word "dare" makes it sound like they _could_ speak, and have the free will to do so, but know better. I know we won't know for sure until we get more concrete official info about the place, but does anyone have any juicy speculation till then? My take is that the "worthy" _can _ do things aside from stand there menacingly provided that doing other things doesn't violate an existing order.

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