What region in Runeterra would you choose to live?

I am curious as to where everyone would choose to live. Personally I'd choose Bilgewater because the place always has a job opportunity for someone. There are many dangers but if you have even a semblance of knowledge of the place you'd be fine. Shadow Isles, Do I really need to explain why i wouldn't live there? Noxus while one of the better empires you are extraordinarily likely to be enlisted in the military due to their expansionist theme, even if you were in a wealthy family. Demacia is racist towards magic but also corrupt and full of hypocrites and if you're stuck with magic you're pretty much screwed unless you're in wealthy family. Piltover is pretty much if you're not a member of a wealthy family or working for them you're useless and you have to get out. Zaun while certainly one of the more appealing places I have a personal distaste for it as it's so beyond dangerous you're significantly more free to do things but there are mad scientists and shotgun knee cultists. Freljord is full of barbarians with Lissandra doing her stuff and the watchers trying to return. Shurima is a wasteland and I've always had a dislike of heat and sand("It gets everywhere"), Azir the person who destroyed it in the first place and the other ascended wreaking havoc is a significant problem. Targon is full of power hungry humans who took power completely to their head and then proceeding to think themselves higher than even Aurelion Sol and I personally detest them for that. Ixtal as of this moment in time does not have enough lore to reason as to why or why not live there. Ionia is full of peace loving people who when the inevitable Noxian invasion comes will yet again be unprepared and will rely on people like Irelia to defend them when the time comes and let's be honest, Noxus should be a lot smarter by then. I'd love to know the place you guys would choose and why though.
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