Veigar, Jarvan, Lee Sin & Vi - Visual Effect Update & About it

Veigar, Jarvan, Lee Sin & Vi - Visual Effect Update
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I watched this video several times and have some things to say about this changes. First of all, the idea is pretty good. But there are few problems and the main one is that this patchwork solution highlights even more that a lot of champions in League need visual update ASAP!. Theese changes highlight that fact even more. The champions in that video are our beloved champions (well apart from Lee, seriously F this dude). And for some reason that work on our beloved champons show that this is not enough, they need full work. But it's a step. Good job, riot, we need more :) Now to the critique: 1. Veigar Q is okay, W & E are GREAT, but the Ult is very luckluster. It's very small. It should be Veigar's biggest skill, like in his Arcade Villain Skin. Ult in Arcade Villain skin is Massive and that's good. Normal Veigar's ult should be massive and with the some Blackhole-y effect. It could be just orb of blackhole with the gravity alteration around it 2. Jarvan is pretty good all over, but when you break your ult it could be prettier. For some reason, I think Taliyah's wall destruction is quite cool, you need something similar 3. Lee. Now, I didn't like Lee's changes at all. W should be not so visible, especially theese orbiting scrolls. I think, they (and also all of his abilities) should be more Aurelion-tail-like to improve the idea that Lee's strength is the strength of Will. Thank you! :)

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