i hate that riot has such a fleshed out and interesting universe but is doing nothing with it

league has one of the only universe's in gaming that because of riots lore and art teams can imagine each and every bit of runeterra sewing and interacting together seamlessly while still leaving me enough to wonder about. i can visualize walking through each established region from the markets demacia to the slums of noxus. i can smell the fresh ocean air mixing with the smells baked goods and hextech shops of piltover. yet all of its for a game that only pays flashes of references towards it in the way of interactions. i have a dozen friends that dont like league(for various reasons) who when they see any official art from league get really excited and saying they love the design then when the find out what its from always say something along th elines of "damn league always has such cool designs, shame its for a moba" suppose i could always wait in the hopes of a league mmo {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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