Anyone else notice just how many items are directly tied to champions?

[]( {{item:3742}}{{item:3144}} - {{champion:41}} (Only champion from Bilgewater to use a cutlass) {{item:3191}} - {{champion:113}} {{item:2053}} - {{champion:498}} {{item:3193}} - {{champion:3}} {{item:3069}} - {{champion:268}} (Sun Disk on both this and his passive) {{item:3802}} - {{champion:30}} (A book fragment with the Shadow Isles emblem and Karthus's tome) {{item:3814}} - {{champion:91}} (Kinda , it's not perfect but it's close) {{item:3190}} - {{champion:89}} (Iron Solari skin, but still ties to her lore) {{item:3303}} - {{champion:99}} (Spell Thief skin, old lore referred to her copying others spells, kinda a stretch) Others I've missed? Leave a comment!

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