Okay so I have been reading up on my boy volibear right and I was wondering if he is part of the freljord. On the map of runeterra he isnt on it anywhere and I looked up where his clan is and they are north of the freljord, so is he like the australia of the world, kinda locked away form everything and everyone?? He has answered calls to war by sej to help her and udyr out and also has shown up other times but his clan doesnt really have a banner or a lot of knowledge. If any riot employees know anything please link it I wanna know as much as possible and also I wonder why he isnt getting his clans map in tft. Ashe gets her clan in there along with sej and the third clan but my boy volibear is left out and im upset about it. Hey is getting reworked soon and it seems like his whole species is just kicked out and never acknowledged even though they are the most fierce and brutal people.{{champion:106}}
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