In the New Demican Lore, I Hope it Shows the Good Side of the City and Not Just What it Hates.

Given how the new champion seems very anti-Demacian, I hope that the new lore update makes some effort to make the place seem somewhat likeable, since that's been a small irk I've had with past updates. Take its rival nation, Noxus. Noxus believes in not just having strength, but also becoming stronger off one's own will. This manifests itself into a somewhat harsh and "ends justify the means" view by the society, but also gives people instentive to strive and be better by their own hand. It's also interesting how different people in the nation have different view points on what upholding those ideals mean, as can be seen in the tension between Darius and his fellow countrymen, and also how Riven goes against her own nation. It's come away from just being the "bad place" in Runeterra. Compare that with Demacia. We understand that they stand for broad ideas like order, juctice, and tradition, but their goals are much more vague than that of other regions (IMO at least), and the way they're presented often, if not always, feel like an attempt to keep their own people down. While I get the idea of wanting to highlight the strictness of Demcian society and how characters like Lux might change that, at the current level Demaica seems more defined by what it's against then what it's for. It makes it feel like Demacia is a sucky place to live in, especially given how multiple characters aren't fully on board with it own biggest value of "no-magic", thus making it feel even more like a restriction: Lux, Poppy, Shyvana, Garen (uneasy about his sister, but doesn't sell her out), Jarven IV (lets Shyvana live in the kingdom even though she's half-dragon). I think that when Riot relooked at the Noxus-Demacia conflict, they wanted to steer away from just making "one side good, other bad", but I'm afriad that in an effort to make Noxus look better, they'll just make Demacia an authoritarian ruled nation with little redeeming qualities.
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