Some feedback on Evelynn's new in-game model/art assets

**Note:** Any points I make here will be based on Evelynn's teaser footage alone. I know things are subject to change between now and her release, I'm just going off of the content we've gotten thus far. ___" * **Evelynn's model looks really bare.** By that I don't mean she's too naked; rather, that it seems her model is missing some pretty significant components, like additional modeling and VFX work. Her "clothes" for example are just flat textures pasted onto her skin. Why not make it more like in her [teaser](, where she is wrapped in moving shadows surrounding her body? A champion who already uses this technology would be Yorick with his black cape:" ____" * **Her textures lack detail.** League is a top-down game, which means yeah, most details will be lost at game height. That doesn't necessarily mean there should be no detail though -- in the image above, for example, I can't really tell what her tentacles/lashes are made out of (are they chitinous? flesh-like? cloth?). Same goes for the textures covering her lady parts -- is it clothing? scales? skin? Her hair looks like it could use a lot more detail work too, along with the aforementioned VFX changes of giving it more of a vibrant pinkish glow as shown in her teaser:" ___ Again, I know things are subject to change, but I feel like these are actually pretty huge assets her model is missing which are probably unlikely to be added at this stage of her development, but still worth mentioning in the off chance there might still be time to put them in. It might also be that these were all very conscious decisions the team made behind-the-scenes for reasons or limitations that I don't know about -- apologies if that's the case. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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