Focus on Mini-VGU & Not on New Champions

There are 143 champions in the game right now and it will be 144 by the end of next month. Half of the current champion pool have outdated models and art, cannot compete in terms of unique gameplay and gameplay identities over new champions, and are being blatantly ignored for new champions. The more champions these Developers add into the game, means more work that is being purposely diverted from problematic champions players already do not like. All champions Riot Game Developers have said the past 2 years that need a VGU. {{champion:42}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:35}} Champions that received work done on them that didn't hit the mark and have received comments from Developers that they need further work done on a thematic, gameplay identity, kit and art level. {{champion:86}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:8}} Champions that really only need a fresh coat of paint and modernization. *Xin on here because they said they wanted to put him on a horse and he could use a visual update.* {{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:117}} Champions with recently released color stories, good lore, and in a trailer that they know needs very minor work done on them: {{champion:21}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:110}} ------------------- I mean what's the problem here? Why is anyone in this company even saying things like releasing more new champions over an actual work ethic that gives results? It's extremely disheartening to here a Riot Game employee tell the community that they regard new champions better than their existing champion pool that help put the game on the map. I mean for years this company and Developers have been saying every champion needs a VGU or mini-VGU. Why aren't Developers doing more Ezreal/Morgana sized updates over the reworks/VGU? A lot of these champions need a mini-VGU but all that time is being put on new champions. More new champions means less skins for existing champions, less conversations about existing champions, less work being done on existing champions, and so much more. Does this community care anymore? In the eyes of so many . . . this company and Developers can say and do no wrong. Not every champion needs an Aatrox level rework/VGU when the problem could have been simply addressed by giving him an updated model, expanding his voice-lines, and working on MINOR things wrong with his kit. Stop with the new champions and the character re-imagining VGU that no one likes, when you have a current champion pool that needs a modernization with the new lore, updated models and art, and maybe minor work done on the kit. All of the described work I mentioned in this paragraph is a mini-VGU.
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