Yo! Pyke is black!

Riot your character design is just getting better and better. I really like that you have a diverse cast of characters that have different stories, backgrounds and even ethnicities! As a black man, I really like that i am being represented more and more in the gaming community. And since league is my favorite game right now, This really excites me. Great work riot! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} EDIT: So apprently he's most likely not black, most likely similar to Illaoi {{champion:420}} However i even appreciate this. Representation of all races matter in games, not just black males like me. EDIT: Alright we need to clear this up. I’m not categorizing him and just purely based on his race, I like the characters design. I’m sorry that your race isn’t being represented, in my eyes, that is an issue and I was just excited about my race being represented more. I think representation matters because it just helps people relate to their character more. And I think it just feels nice to see your skin color in the media. LAST EDIT: Apparently, he is black! A black man from bilgewater! Diversity ftw!
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