Appreciation for Lore Comics

I've been invested in leagues lore for years now. I remember when we were constantly asking for more lore. Sorta nostalgic. To see that League of Legends now have comics that expands o the narrative of that world really does puts a smile on my face. I just want to say thank you for not giving up on expanding the lore for Legends(Is what I call it.) I recently read the two issues of "The Lux Issue" and loved how I could just feel the atmosphere of Demacia. Ever since the first comic of Darius and the principles of Strength I've been closely watching how the development would play out with visual media. I'm a sucker for comics. A huge one. I read DC comics, sunday papers, manga, etc. I REALLY hope there are more comics in the future that shows us what goes on i the land of Runeterra. Lux's comic is also story progression(even tho tied to Sylas's release) It still shows what happened more recently regarding Demacia. I just want to say please keep it up with the comics, you're doing a good job on that part Riot narrative/art team.
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