Suggestion: Add Universe page in the Client [ Pictures inside] & diff. bet. descriptions and stories

Yep. Its nice to see the mini tid bits of lore in the in game client while their full stories/chunks of lore is in the universe page. Like saying they are just descriptions of those champions and when you're hook with it, you'll just go directly to the universe page and read all full stories of those champions. Because not just me, but any one likes lore. First of all i want to suggest this because i like LOL's lore and i want the community to know it. Because there are some people who doesn't know the universe page yet or even lol's lore. So please implement it. I hope the new bio's(in the PBE) of champs will serve as a new trend to the in game client because this are just some of its descriptions of those champs. BTW this are the [list of bio's that got replaced]( and some just got their quotes removed( because some descriptions doesn't need quotes. Making their quotes in their universe page more appropriate ): Hope some champs gets the same treatment(making them just mini descriptions) as those in the new client and maybe make a hyperlink at the end of those mini lores to the universe page. or just create a Universe Interface in the client like this examples. ____________________________ Off topic! Hope nunu is the next VGU My next thread will consist of: - LOL's sub classes - Idea's for Kumungu Jungles: New Vastaya
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