Lore Power Levels Revised: The Harbinger Tier

What's up guys it's me, Jeremy! Just kidding, I am Hyper10sion A.K.A. “The Power Levels Guy” here again with day number three of my revised power levels. We got the Cosmic and Transcended Tiers done with. We are moving on from the country or world shakers and moved down to army killers and those of the like. Really big step down there right? In addition at the end there will be a section of *Limbo* for champions who’s at most could land in this tier. Once again, before we get started I would like to point out that only canon lore is considered. Cinematics are only canon if they are lore or individual champion related, so Twist of Fate and New Dawn are out. Fan theories and “potential” are not considered, but input from Rioters is taken into account, in context. Also the lore must be current, so Institute of War, lores contradicted by the updated bios, etc are ignored. Also I try to be as impartial as possible when making these. Once again here is an outline of the tiers for explanation. **The Cosmic Tier**: This tier is the cosmic level beings. The lowest level of power a being must have to be on this tier is the power to impact an entire planet. They are immortal, nigh unkillable, extremely powerful, and almost as old as time itself. Just to emphasize, the beings in this tier are stated to not be gods. **The Transcended Tier**: This tier are beings with incredible power, either being a being that could single handedly destroy a city or do things beyond the normal realm of possibility. These beings are more than just a human physically, and can endure far more than an empowered human on the same level. They are practically immortal, or are very close. These beings avoid the Cosmic Tier by being limited in their scope, usually to a singular region of Runeterra. **The Harbinger Tier**: These are the champions with powers rivaling that of an army, or possess a non-combat ability of similar magnitude. Some of these would be Transcended Tier if not for human frailty or some glaring weakness, but are still extremely powerful. **The Magus Tier**: This tier is composed of the champions not quite powerful enough to be in the Harbinger Tier, but are definitely more than a physically exceptional human. Most of these champions have some sort of size, strength, or magical power that above that of what a mortal tier champion could typically match. **The Mortal Tier**: These are the champions that are still not slouches, but innately do not have power of a Magus tier champion. Most of them are merely skilled human warriors or rely on a weapon/mount for their power. A majority of human champions will be in this tier, along with a lot of your favorites. ***Limbo**: These champions are more or less in flux. There is not enough concrete lore to officially rate their power, or they didn’t exert themselves at all so it cannot be rated. Seven champions occupy this tier, however none of the original four members remain due to help from Riot and directly from Rioters. Alright now that the list is out of the way I can move on to next tier, the Harbinger Tier, with an added Limbo section at the end.   #The Harbinger Tier **Subtiers:** *Abnormality, General, Scion, Supernatural, Titanic* ***Champions:*** {{champion:63}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:143}} ***Abnormalities:*** These champions are the freaks of nature. They are oddly unique, with most of them having completely random or unknown origins. They vary in composition, origin, age, and species. The only thing that they have in common is that there is so little they have in common I had to make a subtier just for this motley crew. {{champion:427}} **Ivern, The Green Father:** The….thing once known as the Cruel is one of the oddest beings in Runeterra. Once a brutal conqueror, Ivern merged with Ionia’s sacred God-Willow, in turn becoming the tree. This has rendered him around ten feet tall and effectively immortal. He can communicate with and effectively control the plant and animal life around him, doing things like subduing enemies and poisoning them if needed. Ivern’s power doesn’t really exhibit itself in the combat sense, but he has more than enough non-offensive prowess to branch into the Harbinger Tier. I personally think this guy is on too many shrooms. {{champion:40}} **Janna, The Storm’s Fury:** The woman with a rate of 2.95 a minute is as powerful as she is fickle, Janna is an elemental spirit with control over the wind and storm. From tailwinds to a full blown monsoon, Janna is a force of nature. Given power by the prayers of those who believe in her, Janna watches over those who invoke her name. She is immortal and can shapeshift into a small blue bird at will. Janna only misses the Transcended Tier due to her reliance on the prayers of others. Despite this her sheer power and immortality allow her to blow away the competition to reach the Harbinger Tier. 2.95 a minute honestly ain’t bad if you think about it. {{champion:141}} **Kayn, The Shadow Reaper:** The anime anti-hero of Runeterra is the perfect meld of Darkin magic and Order of the Shadow technique. A prodigy in the shadow arts, Kayn can move as a living shadow, allowing him to move from enemy to enemy in the blink of an eye, even able to move through walls. He is strong enough to snap a man’s neck with ease, create a clone of shadow like his master, and cut down several enemies before they can react. However what puts him in this tier is his partner in crime: Rhaast, the Darkin Scythe. As one of the remaining five Darkin, Rhaast gives Kayn the ability to drain the lifeblood of his enemies for his own gain, and even possess the minds of his enemies and tearing them apart from the inside out. The only reason that the pair don’t make the Transcended Tier is the incomplete nature of their bond, contrasting Aatrox’s complete control. Individually Kayn would be Magus Tier, but the addition of the bound Rhaast, Kayn shadow steps his way into Harbinger. Only question is: Who is edgier, Kayn or Rhaast? {{champion:117}} **Lulu, The Fae Sorceress:** How does something *taste purple*? The definition of an oddball, Lulu is a centuries old yordle with ridiculous magical abilities. She basically tells Newton to sod off, warping reality and the laws of physics at will along with her buddy Pix. She can increase the size of herself or those around her, turn people or animals into other animals, fire blasts of Fae energy, and even levitate. The only thing even more dangerous than her magic is the reckless abandon with which she uses it, changing the fabric of reality at will. Her sheer power made her stock grow to Harbinger level, but the limited range causes her to miss the Transcended Tier. If I never heard “Hugify!” again it would be too soon. {{champion:33}} **Rammus, The Armordillo:** Sonic the Sandhog is more than meets the eye. Rammus is akin to legend in the deserts of Shurima, and his power is the clear cause of it. He can knock over buildings without even noticing, cause tremors by rolling, impale a man on one of his spikes, and his shell is seemingly indestructible. He is also apparently immortal as he is the only known member of his race and his image goes all the way back to the early days of Ascension. He basically takes out entire legions by rolling around in his sleep. Due to his sheer raw power and defensive capability, Rammus rolls straight into the Harbinger Tier. Okay doesn’t do Rammus justice. {{champion:16}} **Soraka, The Starchild:** The champion no one ever targets is an otherworldly being from stars far beyond Targon. Despite giving up immortality, Soraka is still a powerhouse in that she is the most powerful/potent healer in all of Runeterra. She can heal someone from the brink of death, create a star like blast from the sky, generate a field of star like energy, and heal others from a massive range. While having next to no lore, just being a fallen celestial being gives us enough for Soraka to be placed in the Harbinger Tier. I’ll spare you a baaaaad star joke. {{champion:110}} **Varus, The Arrow of Retribution:** Subject of possibly the most controversial lore revamp, Varus is one of the five Darkin remaining on Runeterra. Formerly trapped in his own bow, he took control of the bodies of two Ionian hunters, Kai and Valmar, and all three merged into one being. Constantly at war with the pair over control, Varus does have the glaring weakness of not always being in control of the body, keeping him out of the Transcended Tier. Despite said weakness, the Darkin Bow is a beast on the battlefield, raining death from afar with ease. He has practically unlimited arrows made of magical energy, is immune to blood magic, can shatter steel with a punch, fire multiple arrows at once, create tendrils of Darkin energy, and create blasts of dark energy. Despite his weakness, Varus nails the Harbinger Tier on sheer power. I’ll pass on making a threesome joke here. {{champion:161}} **Vel’Koz, The Eye of the Void:** *Insert generic tentacle joke here*, Vel’Koz is potentially the most powerful Voidborn creature on Runeterra. A massive creature with genius level intellect, Vel’Koz has his own way of searching for knowledge and satisfying his curiosity. He can fire blasts of Void energy like white hot plasma out of his tentacles, able to vaporize most of the unlucky beings he encounters, while downloading necessary information to his brain. He can channel this energy in many ways, but his most potent pertains to his massive eye. He can fire a massive blast out of his eye that can disintegrate practically any matter it touches. Due to his size, intelligence, and destructive output, the results are conclusive. Vel’Koz is in the Harbinger Tier. Remember kids, curiosity only killed the cat because Vel’Koz vaporizes things that make him curious. ***The Generals:*** These are beings that can summon an army at will, or at least summon minions that can develop into an army through some magical means. These are not actual military generals like Darius, Swain, or Jarvan, but powerful mages that never are truly alone in a fight. {{champion:30}} **Karthus, The Deathsinger:** The lead singer of Pentakill would reach this tier based upon his base powers alone. Being a lich he can’t really die in a traditional sense, as he is already in the moment within life and death at pretty much all times. He also can kill someone without any real effort by ripping their soul out and adding it to his army of specters. He can generate blasts of unlife, is practically immortal, and his most powerful technique instantly kills all within range of his voice. Between his lethality, immortality, and army of specters, Karthus may as well sing the anthem of the Harbinger Tier. Wouldn’t it be funny if his favorite song was “Requiem for a Dream”? {{champion:90}} **Malzahar, The Prophet of the Void:** Voidling, I choose you! Malzahar is a human imbued with the ability to channel Void magic and call upon denizens of the dark realm. He has the gift of prophecy, able to look into the future and see possible outcomes. Malzahar can float, infect the minds of others with Void energy, generate void blasts, and practically overload the minds of non-believers with his visions. Due to his magical prowess alone he would make the Magus Tier, but his power to summon Voidlings in seemingly endless numbers allows Malzahar to infect the Harbinger Tier with his space AIDS. *Not HIV but full SPACE AIDS!* {{champion:83}} **Yorick, The Shepherd of Souls:** Yorick walks into a bar…...along with an army of zombies and a personification of the Black Mist. Yorick is a inhabitant of the Shadow Isles, and is probably the only living inhabitant. He has lived since before the Ruination at a minimum, though his apparent immortality probably comes from his vial of Tears of Life, so I’m not giving it to him. What gets Yorick here is his ability to command the dead that comes from his communication with them, and this appears to extend to all dead within the sound of his voice, and it is amplified by the power of the Black Mist. This could mean that every enemy he kills would rise up to serve him, the range of his command doesn’t seem to end as he sends out corpses all across the Isles. Due to his near infinite supply of minions to do his bidding, Yorick entrenches a spot in the Harbinger Tier. Oh look, there is still no counter. (You thought I wasn’t going to make it) {{champion:143}} **Zyra, The Rise of Thorns:** Mother Nature is a fickle woman, and Zyra might as well be Mother Nature herself. Once a plant, Zyra took control of the body of a female sorceress. She now can create new life in massive and deadly plants that just sprout out of the ground at will. Her minions are among the most dangerous flora and fauna in existence, from impale-a-man sized spear plants, giant thorny vines, plants that spit acid, and several more. Her human frailty keeps her out of the Transcended Tier, even if her offensive power would merit it. With the ability to command and create surrounding plant life, Zyra branches her way into the Harbinger Tier. I planted the seeds for that joke a while ago. ***Scions:*** These are the real powerhouses. They could rival Transcended Tier champions in terms of raw power, but have the weakness of human frailty. A few of them have degrees of durability and immortality, but nothing on the level of a Transcended Tier champion. {{champion:63}} **Brand, The Burning Vengeance:** We didn’t start the fire…..that was probably Brand. The being known as The Burning Vengeance once was a human, but now is a husk inhabited by the power of a World Rune, a being of living flame. A pair of World Runes in combat with each other turned a mountain range into a valley (the crater was that big) and caused a cataclysmic event in Icathia. (This appears to be different event from the fall caused by the Voidlings) Given that Brand is essentially a walking World Rune, one can only imagine how powerful he is. He can summon pillars of fire, burst objects and people into flame, throw fireballs, create explosions of fire, and even create a sort of web of flame that travels from enemy to enemy. His only weakness is that his body is still that of a human, so he is still vulnerable. Brand’s raw power allows him to fire into the Harbinger Tier. Brand probably could set fire to the rain come to think of it. {{champion:7}} **LeBlanc, The Deceiver:** The Mistress of the Black Rose is among the most mysterious beings in Runeterra. Her first known sightings preceded the fall of Mordekaiser, reportedly being in the Iron Revenant’s inner circle long before Noxus or the Rune Wars. She has faked death multiple times, and has appeared across multiple continents simultaneously. She has given magical power to the likes of Elise and Boram Darkwill, and is unmatched in the illusionary arts. Due to her apparent immortality, ability to appear many places at once with that sheer amount of range, and the practically of her illusions in battle, LeBlanc tricks her way into the Harbinger Tier. Now if only she could get a decent rework. {{champion:127}} **Lissandra, The Ice Witch:** Ice cold doesn’t begin to describe the leader of the Frostguard. Lissandra is ancient, one of the last of the Iceborn, and the one who betrayed her people to the Watchers. Lissandra is the second most powerful cryomancer in all Runeterra, and even can create Dark Ice, corrupted True Ice that never melts. (That is unless Ornn is around) She is immortal, can create objects and projectiles out of Dark Ice, and encase herself in Dark ice. She is probably resistant to all kinds of cold, and can even see using a sort of ice-echolocation despite having her eyes gouged out by an ursine. On my previous list I put Lissandra in the Transcended Tier, but the more and more I thought about it, it just seemed that there was a gap between her and her Watcher masters, who themselves would most likely be Transcended. Despite being a powerhouse, Lissandra managed to slide to the Harbinger Tier. I’d imagine she’d give you a little more than just the cold shoulder. {{champion:13}} **Ryze, The Rune Mage:** Runeterra’s resident smurf might also be among the most powerful mages that wake the planet. He is hundreds of years old, present for the start and end of the Rune War. He regularly combats mages wielding World Runes. To put this into perspective, that valley feat discussed in Brand’s summary was a day’s journey at minimum, or around 30-40 kilometers. (20-25 miles) He has magical resistance, but it is tied to his magical reserves just like his offensive power. Magical blasts, chain explosions, teleportation, and magical prisons are all weapons in Ryze’s arsenal. There is only one reason he doesn’t make Transcended Tier. While he can take a lot of hits, a full power blast from a World Rune would surely kill him. In his fight with Yago, the latter had only tapped into the power at his disposal and didn’t even have the Rune on his person. Ryze still was taken to his limit. For all his power the Rune Mage is not invincible, but still human. Regardless, Ryze has a spot on the Harbinger Tier locked down. He’s blue da ba dee da ba daa. {{champion:134}} **Syndra, The Dark Sovereign:** Most just dream while they sleep…...Syndra has an entire temple held aloft in the sky 24/7. The queen of the thigh game is a one woman weapon of mass destruction with the sheer power at her disposal. She possess an unmatched telekinetic potential, with her orbs being great things to throw if nothing else is around. There is really not much to say here, as Syndra is a one trick pony. She just is so damn good at that trick that she doesn’t really need anything else. Being a human, she naturally doesn’t merit Transcended, but definitely reigns sovereign in the Harbinger Tier. Damn can’t think of a ball quip, the opportunity doesn’t come round too often. ***Supernaturals:*** These are the beings of the Shadow Isles. Immortal, impervious to most conventional forms of magic and weaponry, and all have a fair amount of raw power. The natural immunity and immortality gets most of these champions their spots in the Harbinger Tier. {{champion:120}} **Hecarim, The Shadow of War:** This is one pony that’ll give you a one way ride to hell. Once a proud knight, Hecarim was actually the cause of the Ruination of the Isles, killing Kalista and convincing his king to cause the event. A nightmarish colossus, Hecarim is the frontline for the Black Mist, and is oft considered the second strongest denizen after Mordekaiser. His sheer strength is more than enough to charge through a wall with ease, and a single swing of his massive glaive could cleave multiple men in two. His most powerful ability summons the undead host of his Iron Order, charging into battle as an unstoppable cavalry. Between his strength and spectral composition, Hecarim charges into Harbinger. Saddle up, this is going to be a hell of list. {{champion:429}} **Kalista, The Spear of Vengeance:** Runeterra’s Spirit of Vengeance may not drive a motorcycle or be practically omnipotent, but she is most certainly someone betrayers should fear. After being betrayed by Hecarim, she was reborn by the Black Mist as a spirit bent on punishing those deemed to be traitors or oathbreakers. She has a near infinite amount of spears, which can pierce nearly anything due to their spectral makeup. When someone makes an oath with her, they join her spectral form as a soldier of revenge against those they have tasked Kalista with hunting. She can utilize these spirits in numerous ways, but has not shown to use them in battle. Kalista’s composition, unlimited ammo, and power from the souls she conscripts allow her to pierce the Harbinger Tier. Seriously though how short was Hecarim’s spear, mounted spears are supposed to be long. {{champion:57}} **Maokai, The Twisted Treant:** Treebeard eat your heart out. Maokai is a massive spirit that took the form of a living tree long ago. When the Ruination hit the Isles, Maokai absorbed the water of a life-giving spring that helped give the Isles their power and could heal deadly wounds. Besides his size, Maokai can also use this live giving power to call upon the earth and vegetation around him similar to Zyra. However while the Rise of Thorns prefers predatory plants, the Twisted Treant usually manifests this in magical saplings and powerful roots. Between his size, strength, healing powers, and command over vegetation he gives life to, Maokai advances to a Harbinger placement. Okay time to get back to the roots of what these lists were made for. {{champion:82}} **Mordekaiser, The Iron Revenant:** The Master of Metal. The Beast of the Bastion. The Wraith of Iron. The Uncrowned King of the Shadow Isles. All these apply to the monster that is Mordekaiser. Once a tyrant over the land that would become Noxus, he found a way to become effectively immortal by becoming an undead wraith encased in a massive suit of armor. His only weakness is the need for his bones to be assembled for his wraith form to be active. He can control and manipulate all forms of metal, is strong enough to smash through a massive wooden gate, can unleash blasts of unlife, commands a force of liches, and can resurrect his fallen enemies to fight for him. If he can’t kill you with magic, he will introduce you to his gigantic mace Nightfall. While he could also go into the Generals subtier, I felt this was the best spot for him. If not for his weakness of his remains, he would be in the Transcended Tier. Even so, Mordekaiser sits atop the Harbinger Tier as one of its most powerful champions. As Avenged Sevenfold says, *Hail to the King.* {{champion:412}} **Thresh, The Chain Warden:** Probably the most twisted creature in the entire lore, Thresh is a glutton for the pain of others. While he is possibly the weakest Harbinger champion, he possesses immortality, immunity to conventional weapons and magic, can rip the souls out of his victims, become intangible, and gets more powerful with every soul stolen. While he is nowhere near the power of the rest of the champions from the Isles, he is by far the most twisted and closest to actually being evil, bringing sadism to a whole new level. Thresh is just powerful enough to gain passage to the Harbinger Tier. When this specter gets mad, life itself unravels before his hook. ***Titans:*** These guys are the big guys. The heavyweights of League of Legends. Only one of these beings stands below 21 meters, and that one makes up for it in other ways. I have taken the time to use the splash arts of each champion to determine their heights, with an acceptable margin of error. For those that wish to know the method: seeing as Riot is based in America, I used an American Male, 1.78 meters, for the average height of the soldiers in each splash art, comparing the pixel count of the soldiers’ heights to a nearby body part and compared using the pixels of their measured body parts to the whole using in game models, as the models are anatomically correct in terms of bodily proportions. {{champion:31}} **Cho’Gath, The Terror of the Void:** The Kaiju of Runeterra, this monster stands at a colossal 72.4 feet, or 22 meters. He is large enough to swallow a horse whole, can throw excess material as razor sharp spikes, has a roar powerful enough to send men flying, can summon spikes from the earth using Void energy, and grows bigger with everything he has eaten. While his size is impressive, it wasn’t quite enough to merit a higher tier. But at least for a moment, Cho’Gath takes a bite out of the lists to end up in the Harbinger Tier. *GODZILLA!* {{champion:3}} **Galio, The Colossus:** This big boi lives up to his impressive title, standing at a gargantuan 31.7 meters, or 104 feet. A single flap of his wings can create a gale that knocks over houses, his entire body is composed of anti-magic stone called petricite, can knock down a skyscraper with a punch, and manage to maintain limited flight despite his massive weight. His composition allows him to tank extremely powerful magical blasts without a scratch. His sheer weight, if assumed for petricite to be similar to concrete with limestone, would be around 3700 metric tons, or 4100 US tons. This is using a volume underestimation for him as well. To compare, the U.S.S. *Little Rock*, a *Freedom-Class* warship measuring in at 115 meters long, weighs 3500 metric tons. The only thing keeping him out of the Transcended Tier is the weakness of being unable to move when not in the presence of powerful enough magic. Despite this, his sheer size allows him to smash into Harbinger with no effort. You know how he loves smashing. {{champion:54}} **Malphite, The Shard of the Monolith:** *If ya smell... what the Rock….is cooking!* Then get out because this guy would need a heck of a big meal. Standing in at 25.8 meters, or 84.6 feet, a walking mountain is a bit of a stretch, but he is still gargantuan. Being an eight story stone creature does mean that Malphite possesses immense strength, probably enough to give Galio a run for his money. A charge from Malphite would be nigh impossible to stop, and his punches would shake the ground beneath him, probably able to register on a seismograph. Due to the unclear nature of Malphite’s composition, I cannot measure his mass or weight. Even so, I can still conclusively determine he is solid enough to get a Harbinger Tier label. *Rock solid.* {{champion:111}} **Nautilus, The Titan of the Depths:** Well this is unexpected now isn’t it? While Nautilus is nowhere near the size of his fellow Titans, he has some other things going for him. Nautilus is an immortal servant to the god Nagakabouros, walking the ocean floor in wait of any unlucky enough to pass him by. He is a hulking goliath, most likely around 10 meters tall, covered entirely in iron armor. When he throws his massive anchor, it splits a ship from bottom to top. Having far less to go off of in terms of lore, Nautilus benefits from what little he does have. His size, strength, durability, and immortality allow him to rise to the Harbinger Tier. Seriously though that anchor must weigh a few tons, it probably does weigh him down. ***Limbo:*** These two have vastly different situations. One of them was kinda screwed by a Rioter’s information (You know who you are -.-’) and the other might or might not be in a higher tier depending on his power. {{champion:201}} **Braum, The Heart of the Freljord:** Ah Braum. The cause of so much strife for me personally and the cause of me cancelling the first lists for an entire year. Braum is pretty strong, able to punch through a mountain, and appears to have a degree of immortality. His most powerful aspect is his unbreakable door/shield, forged by Ornn himself. Braum used to be in the Harbinger Tier….but then a certain Rioter had to go and say that a lot of Braum was actually the shield. Because he didn’t go into details on how much, I place Braum in Limbo. I wish I could stand behind ya big guy. **Range: Harbinger to Mortal** {{champion:26}} **Zilean, The Chronokeeper:** Unlike the former, Zilean actually is in here because we don’t know his exact power set. We do know that Zilean is effectively immortal, can see the possibilities and flow of time, and bends the flow of time around him. The question is can he change the events around him when he is in a different time period than he is meant to be? Maybe this one can be chocked up to me not understanding Zilean’s new lore completely, but for now I am leaving him in Limbo for safety and my own sanity. Freaking time travel shenanigans. **Range: Harbinger to Magus**   Alright guys, that is day three of the power levels. My wrist is killing me as I am writing these, but I must press on! Did I miss anyone? Did I put someone too high? Talk to me about it in the comments, otherwise I will see you tomorrow with the Magus Tier. Cosmic: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/JA6nFYMZ-lore-power-levels-revised-the-cosmic-tier Transcended: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/JrgHo5yc-lore-power-levels-revised-the-transcended-tier

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