Can you start doing something new with skins again?

Let's see. 9.19: Immortal Journey, Championship, Hextech 9.18: Star Guardian 9.17: Elderwoord, Infernal 9.16: Dragon World, Hextech (again...) 9.15: PROJECT 9.14: Demacia Vice 9.13: Arcade 9.12: Dark Star 9.11: Demonic 9.10: Battle Academia 9.9: Conqueror 9.8: Odyssey 9.7: Dunkmaster, Hextech 9.6: VS Event 9.5: Arclight 9.4: Papercraft 9.3: - 9.2: Lunar Revel, Heartbreakers 9.1: Blood Moon That's all we've had this year so far. Out of 47 skins (excluding skins still on PBE, legacy skins and Prestige editions!! so I'm not even mentioning the K/DA milking!), only 8~11 are from brand new thematics (if you don't stick Demacia Vice to Arcade) and of those 22 thematics explored, only 3~4 are new (depends whether you tie the dog skins to the cat skins and/or Demacia Vide to Arcade ig?)! Everything else is stuff we've already seen 3584 times those past few years! And we're obviously gonna get Halloween and Xmas skins too. Now I'm not saying getting another Dunkmaster (even though that skin was...) or Demonic skin is a bad thing. Because those skinlines don't get new things often. Also the Championship and Conqueror skins are eSports-tied... But I'm tired of PROJECT, I'm tired, of Arcade (and that was my favorite skin line when I started League, that's telling), I'm tired of VDay skins and other holiday skins _every_ year. I know the no-holiday-skins every year isn't that everyone would accept... Maybe that's just me. It's too easy to give like 4~5 champions skins from one thematic + a prestige edition a patch but only give them to 2 champions when it comes to a new one (Battle Academia excluded). But Riot likes it the easy way, it's all easy money after all. Open the shop and scroll down roughly to halfway. How often do you see reused themes compared to what we get now? Not that much.
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