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Not that long ago we lore fans got the [Universe in 2020 | Dev Video]( with things to look forward in 2020 but for a lot of lore fans (myself included) it felt like it just recapped the things we already knew with less information. And since I care a lot about the lore and I like to give people all the information to build their own opinion, I decided to write this thread. Riot needed their fair share of time to understand they have a really good narrative team and a really good IP to work with. Right now they are still figuring out how to make this IP work outside of the small part of the [Universe]( webpage. **Comics** Most of you already know about the [Riot and Marvel collaboration]( regarding the official League comics. The first three series so far have been ‘[Ashe: Warmother](’ , ‘[Lux](’ and ‘[Zed](’ which currently still in progress. These three comics so have been free on the Universe to create an interest for more continuing lore content. While the next comic hasn’t been explicated stated, everything seems to hint to a comic about Ekko (“[Following that, we’re gonna hope back and forth through time with one of my favorite champions.](”). Beginning with the Ekko comic, it won’t be available from the start on the Universe page. It will be only available as paid content (Marvel / Comixology) and will be [published for free on the Universe website 6 months later]( It is a middle ground to earn money with the comic but still keeps the lore relative available for most of the community. At least this is what we have been told last year. In March/April we should get a Nexus post which will discuss the topic comic and how Riot will approach it further. There is an [e-mail subscription]( at the end of the Universe Comic site, so this should be used to keep us up-to-date. **The unnamed Demacia Novella** A thing which most people probably have forgotten already. The novella was announced in the [The League Universe in Season 2019]( video last year and should be focusing on the current [Demacia]( plotline. Now, we are already in 2020 and it hasn’t been released yet, but the novella is still coming, confirmed various times by the Narrative Team. It is not unusual that things get shifted and released later, so we can hopefully hold and read it the announced novella later this year. **Riot Forge** Since Riot Games exist for 10 years now, they finally decided to add to the “S” to their name. While the 10th Anniversary announced a lot of new things, the most interesting things for us lore fans was announced later – [Riot Forge]( For Riot Forge, Riot works only as a publisher and works in cooperation with other game studios. These both games – Con/vergence and Ruined King – will be an official part of the canon. Both games are supposed to be released at the end of the year. **Con/vergence: A League of Legends Story** Con/vergence is a single-player action-platformer featuring Ekko by [Double Stallion Games]( No release date yet but we can expect it mostly at the end of the year. You can watch the trailer [here]( and subscribe to the mailing list [here]( **Ruined King: A League of Legends Story** Ruined King is a story-driven, turn-based role-playing game by [Airship Syndicate]( which will focus on the events after ‘[Burning Tides](’ and which will include familiar faces from [Bilgewater]( We also know almost nothing more, but there is also a [trailer]( and a [mailing list]( to subscribe. **Arcane** Whenever a new cinematic drop, we always see that one commend under the top comments – “When will we finally get our League of Legends movie, Riot?” Well, Riot decided to listen to our wishes and announced Arcane, an animation serie focusing on Vi’s and Jinx’ past. The serie will be produced by [Fortiche Production](, which already created already known League cinematics like [POPstars]( and the original [Warriors]( video. With Arcane, we can expect to shed some light into the past and relationship between Vi and Jinx and some familiar faces from the twin cities of Zaun and Piltover will probably appear as well (at least the trailer hints Singed and Warwick). Sadly, so far we have no further information regarding the release date and stream platform. You can watch the trailer [here]( **Tales of Runeterra** As if having an animation serie in work wouldn’t be enough for our lore hearts, Riot has even more visuals in progress. They announced Tales of Runeterra, a cinematic collection which focus on the champions and regions of whole Runeterra. During this year’s League Universe /dev video, we got a [sneak peak]( from the upcoming Ionia cinematic including Shen and Akali. If you are interested in Tales of Runeterra, the best way to not miss it out is to subscribe to the [League of Legends Youtube channel]( and activate the notification. **Tellstones** Stories are great but you know what is even better? Something from Runeterra which you can hold in your own two hands. Because of this they also are going to publish Tellstones: King’s Gambit, “[a bluffing game with perfect information for 2 or 4 players](”. The game is nothing new for people who pay attention to this game – during the 9.10 patch some narrative loading screen tips about the narrative impact of Tellstone have been added to the live game and later we got to see [Cithria]( using the exact same version of the game in ‘The Weight of Expectation’ (a ‘[Realm of Runeterra](’ exclusive short story). If you are interested in the upcoming tabletop game, you can subscribe for more information [here]( So far 2020 looks promising regarding new content and the Universe page will be updated as well. What are you’ll look forward to the most?
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