League Screensavers!!!

Alright Rito, I've been using league screensaver since it came out and i just want to know a couple things (: 1) When are you gonna add the moving dark star khazix and orianna background? PLEASEEEEE 2) With the release of Kayn i gotta know how long it takes before you gather up some artwork from his videos and splashart (and maybe even design stuff would be cool for screensavers) and put him on league screensavers? 3) There really hasn't been any new additions to the runeterra part of it and its kind of dissappointing, because i know that I enjoy the cool cities and settings of runeterra on my pc screensaver :D That's pretty much it if anyone else has questions drop em below maybe the Rito Gods will answer :) Yours Truly, ~Herbert the Perv

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