skins and other questions with a few opinions.

I only have a few questions like. Why isn't there a gangster Yorick skin??? why is it so hard to get caught back up as a yorick player compared to other champions? why did riot think it'd be good to change up pricing of things so supports have a harder early game..? why is it that Yorick attacks with like no attack speed what so ever? why does champions like sion and others stun timers just seem to keep extending more and more?? why does leauge allow people to punish other peoples ranks and scores because they feel like trolling? i mean thats pretty much all i have to say mainly bc im a yorick main and these are issues that i experienced on multiple occations but id also like to say that before they nerfed yorick he was much easier to use and alot more of a ballenced champeon now hes super weak to alot of champeons and very easy to counter pick. but id say that if any champeon is really truely busted itd be fiora because she has a ability that makes her invunrable from any attack. if i were to make a suggestion id make it where a ranged attack can hit her in that state so at least things like towers and adcs have a chance in a 1v1. and i dont really like how yall made it where towers have much better AI now because of how yoricks minion attack anything that moves they agro tower even without any real reason so it makes getting off early tower procks very hard because he gets tower agro almost by default because of his gouls..
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