Top 10 Strongest Champions (According To Lore)

Im gonna do a very short description of the champions, so it wont be to complicated, and it will be faster to read. So i know there will be alot of triggered people who think that some of the champions are weak, or some champions needed to be replaced with a 'powerful champion' Well atleast the number 1 is logical and you have nothing against it....... 10 {{champion:75}} Nasus Nasus controls life and death (according to lore) and magic, if you dont think that is strong idk whats strong. He is as old as Shurima and from every kill he only gets stronger, and as in the game aswell as his lore his Q deals alot of dmg, even oneshooting people. 9 {{champion:134}} Syndra Controls dark magic and is xtremely powerful which you also can hear in her voice lines (so much untact power) Her 'balls' makes her hit multipel enemies at once, and focus more one 1 strong enemy. The reason syndra is stronger than other champions like lux, velkoz or brand is because syndra is just simply stronger based on lore. Btw she can fly. 8 {{champion:45}} Veigar Just like syndra The reason why veigar is stronger than syndra is he also gains more power liek in-game, syndra also does but she does not gain it by killing enemies. He could fly if he would xD 7 {{champion:16}} Soraka A star child and controls the stars. If you remember the old soraka, her Q yes thats what she can do according to the lore. She can heal other people, and unlike in-game she is a great duelist with her magic. 6 {{champion:268}} Azir Azir was a mortal emperor of Shurima in a far distant age, a proud man who stood at the cusp of immortality. His hubris saw him betrayed and murdered at the moment of his greatest triumph, but now, millennia later, he has been reborn as an Ascended being of immense power. With his buried city risen from the sand, Azir seeks to restore Shurima to its former glory. Ok so that was pretty much it he ascend people from the dead and use them as magical sand soldiers................. 5 {{champion:238}} Zed Makes a army of shadows and control them, while he assasinate people from all sides changing shadow to shadow. As we see in a animation of riot he can esaly outplay people. 4 {{champion:245}} Ekko So i've been hearing alot of people saying ekko is 'weak' but he is not.... he is actelly very strong. This may just seem like a boy who can control time. Which yes it is, but time may be a bit stronger than you think. Unlike tracer from overwatch, he can reverse time for himself, but also for his surrondings, like lets say someone very importent just got murdered. Ekko could go back time and fix it like in his lore. This may not be that strong in battle but it can be very very usefull in some scenarios. 3 {{champion:101}} Xerarth Xerath was a mage residing in the Shurima desert. Craved with absolute power, he constantly deprived his body's health for more strength. Thanks for a dangerous ritual, Xerath saved his own life, but transformed his body into pure arcane energy. The other mages of Shurima feared Xerath at this point, and decided the only choice to protect everyone was to imprison him in an enchanted casket. They placed it in a dark tomb, hoping no one would fear him again. Now the reason xearth is stronger than azir is simple, xerath is just stronger in 1v1 and his range is incredible and he haves magic. Azir also haves magic, but the spears from the soldier is not like a magical thing like xerath's arcane magic. 2 {{champion:31}} CHO GATH He is massive MASSIVE, now i know what you are thinking he dosen't really have any magic exept from his woid magic (If that even is magic. But even thoe in lore HE HAVES NO LIMITED GROW GROW XD Now i've had enough of this stupid list that 99% of you will disagree with. However here is the top 1 you cant disagree withm only if you smoke buzzfeed. 1 {{champion:136}} Aurailaioerin Saoloae You see that i was not the only one who knew how to spell that right when he first came out. He legit throws with solar systems................... Like seorisly this champion is insane he is a F*cking GOD like legit. I see the balance we have in thoose lores riot. He is made out of stars and universes? Im not good at that stuff, but mabye he is the whole League universe WHO KNEW?
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