List of beings on Runeterra

Each with either one example, or all in-game examples if there aren't very many: {{champion:51}} Human {{champion:80}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:16}} Targonian Aspect (Specifically the beings, not the humans they inhabit. Including Soraka. Read her bio.) {{champion:75}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:268}} Ascended/ Baccai (failed ascension, which we don't yet have a champion for) {{champion:30}} Undead {{champion:203}} {{champion:98}} Spirit/Spirit Hybrid {{champion:103}} Vastaya {{champion:266}} Darkin {{champion:28}} Demon {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} Angel/Fallen Angel {{champion:78}} Yordle {{champion:31}} Voidborn {{champion:516}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:427}} Demigod {{champion:54}} Elemental (Perhaps he is actually a Demigod, since Anivia is. His lore has not been updated.) {{champion:57}} {{champion:143}} Sentient Plant (Regardless of means) {{champion:432}} {{champion:420}} Celestial (Nagakaboros, not Illaoi) {{champion:61}} {{champion:53}} Techmaturgical Robot (Orianna doesn't classify as Cyborg since no flesh remains of the original) {{champion:6}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:112}} Chemtech/Hextech Cyborg {{champion:12}} Minotaur {{champion:127}} Iceborn {{champion:48}} Troll {{champion:20}} Yeti {{champion:117}} Fae (Pix) {{champion:72}} Brackern {{champion:102}} Dragon/Dragon Hybrid (Includes the dragon riders Galio is designed after) {{champion:19}} Warwick (chimeric human) {{champion:3}} {{champion:35}} Magical Golem {{champion:33}} OK {{champion:29}} GIANT. SENTIENT. RATS. (his bio outright claims he was born a rat) {{champion:154}} Flubber {{champion:201}} {{champion:5}} Manly men {{champion:4}} {{champion:104}} Republicans That seems to be all of them. As a note, the distinction between different Vastaya is akin to the differences in dog breeds. I won't list the different tribes because their differences are, to them, only as much as the differences humans see in each other. Second note: it has been brought to my attention with proof from Riot writers that both **Ivern and Aurelion Sol **are in fact demigods.
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