Will Project L Fighting Game + the New Lore or just What if story mode?

Riot Games Fighting Game 'Project L' Gameplay From Riot's Trailer
'Project L' is Riot Games new fighting game and one that has been rumoured for quiet some time. Despite it being rumoured so long and even confirmed at EVO 2019, there wasn't much in terms of gameplay to show off. However, the game is being developed by Radiant Entertainment, a company that Riot acquired a few years ago.
This Game made me think of Blaze Blue or Guilty gear and yes Both this game had a lot of lore behind this game a lot that dont show in the game. Like Blazblue Universe Or Guilty Gear Universe that hard to remember or understand for the players themself. In Project L Case the Lore would be more EZ to understand as a basic but what about the New lore in this game? Ending Connect? What if story? It no tournament setting but Noxus areana stage (Yes) Draven Xin story mode possible The problem is who will gonna fight them as Opponent (Random CPU character?) Or just use as Only Online Match stage (No story) It will be good Online Fighting game for sure but make story mode would be Harder like what happen to street fighter5 story mode. That Chance we get the new lore from fighting game version is hard to Imagine because it would be more like what if instead like other fighting games do. Maybe it will Focus Only Online Match instead without story mode to play (No Lore+) (to Future Esport) Addition new characters that exist only in Fighting Game version with story behind them. (They still connect to the lore)
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