Are we gonna get vs events for other rivals?

we've had {{champion:22}} vs{{champion:113}} {{champion:104}} vs {{champion:4}} (the best one because it actually ended with a reconcilliation {{champion:86}} vs {{champion:122}} {{champion:92}} vs {{champion:157}} off the top of my head {{champion:236}} {{champion:412}} shadow isles {{champion:107}} vs {{champion:121}} (Weird void jungle thing?) {{champion:58}} vs {{champion:75}} (maybe combined with below) {{champion:101}} vs {{champion:268}} (maybe combined with above) {{champion:238}} vs {{champion:98}} {{champion:126}} vs {{champion:112}} (could be an awesome weird science sorta event with {{champion:27}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:74}} involved) {{champion:240}} vs {{champion:150}} (Not actually lore, I just wish it was)

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