Another Piltovan design scrapped for another region

Don't get me wrong, Aphelios is amazing thematically, I like him in general and Mount Targon needed an ADC to fill up their roster. But as a big fan of Zaun and Piltover, it is really discouraging to read all their posts about champion development and see how they start pitching an idea for a new Piltovan or Zaunite... and end up completely reworking the idea to create a champion from another region instead. It happened with CeeCee, the Piltovan engineer girl with a working bench she was using as a shield and battering ram. She inspired Braum in the end. It happened with Husk, the Zaunite paralysed mercenary from the organisation H.I.V.E.. They used her aesthetics on Kai'Sa instead. And now it happens again with Aphelios... originally an idea for a Piltovan bounty hunter, who imprisoned their latest bounty. Which could also have given us a more sinister Piltovan. Aphelios is cool.... but seeing this trend happen over and over is really frustrating for me.
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