Why not just make Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank a good behavior reward instead of wasting them?

The honor system is getting an update anyways, this would be the perfect time to give them out to well-behaved players. It's been months and I'm really starting to feel bad that these skins never went through because a few people on the boards talked shit about them. They weren't ultimate skins but they weren't anywhere near bad enough to just throw away models that were already made. If there are no plans to revise those skins and ship something similar, the current sewn chaos models should be shipped live as gifts. They were 100% ready so it's just plain sad to throw them away. A handful of dissenters on the boards do not speak for everyone. I think it was unfair to the people who developed these skins to just waste them. They were good. Not jaw-dropping. Not bad. But perfectly fine. If it's not going to cost Riot any potential RP sales, I see absolutely no reason to waste them.
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