A Toggle for Viktor's New Walk?

Hi everyone! I'm a long-time fan of Viktor (I played him before his update, even, back in the old Augment Death days) and I've been trying to campaign for a change to his new, slower walk animation since it came out. I am personally not a fan of it, as it is not only unfitting (to me, at least) to Viktor's character - but it _also_ messes with the way I CS and cast abilities. In fact, I play Creator Viktor now just so I don't have to play with his new walk! (Yes, yes, insert "adapt or be removed" joke here.) Before the update, I played Prototype pretty much exclusively. With that background out of the way, here's my suggestion: allow Viktor's new walk to be toggleable, just like how Heimerdinger has a toggleable walk between his pre-VU walk and his post-VU walk. I am _not_ asking for a full reversion, as I know there are plenty of players that do enjoy his new walk - and I know how it feels to have something you like taken away. I think a toggle would be the best solution, as it allows players to enjoy both variants. Also, Viktor's post-tier-2-boots walk is still the same as it was before this update. Because of this, it's not the case that a toggle would require adding an animation back into the game. Thanks for your time!
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