If you're going to play favorites, do it right.

This is gonna sound redundant, but Yasuo now has 6 skins. He has 2 regular tier skin (one with chromas), 3 epic tier skins (two with chromas), and 1 legendary skin. In comparison to a champion released 10 months prior, Vel'koz now has one BUDGET tier skin and 2 epic tier skins. Don't get me wrong, I get that you're trying to release products for champions that are more popular for more sales, but if that's the case, I expect these skins to be the absolute best for the champion, not half-assed skin designs for the sake of producing skins. Nightbringer Yasuo was the pinnacle of Yasuo's skins, an absolute beast of a skin, but trust me when I say that y'all should've just stopped there. I mean look at Odyssey Yasuo, what the absolute hell is the concept for that skin? I get Odyssey Jinx: cyberpunk cannoneer. I get Odyssey Sona: ethereal space priestess, and I get Odyssey Malphite: Korg. but Odyssey Yasuo? Space ninja? Yeah, I'm gonna have to give the skin team a solid D- for that. When you look at odyssey yasuo's model absolutely NOTHING about the design screams space ninja, and what's with the goddamn lizard? He literally looks like an asian soundcloud rapper with a katana he found at some anime merch store. The skin fails to sell you a fantasy, fails to tell you a story, and that's how you know that the skin team just slammed Yasuo into that skin-line for the sake of sales, without any effort to deliver decent quality. I mean look at Jinx's design, you know immediately that they're trying to sell you this crazy cyberpunk loose-cannon with the way she's dressed, the tech on her head, her prosthetic arm, the braces on her legs implying that she's probably paralyzed from the waist-down, it tells you a story, and it sells you a fantasy with all the borderlands aesthetic going on. But you look at Odyssey Yasuo, his design's just all over the place, the colors, the lizard, he honestly looks like he's about to bust some rhymes and- oh look! he has a friend. Battle Boss Yasuo doesn't suffer a horrendous design but suffers a lack of effort in making the skin BELONG in the battle boss skin line. Look at all the past Battle Boss skins, it's all 80's retro-classic run-of-the-mill goofy bad guy, and it works! But not for Yasuo. They tried to make him look edgy, cool with the glowing eyes and the spiky jewelry but it just doesn't fit into the theme of the 80's video game bad guy. It's as if they just gave him all the accessories to look like some cheap cosplayer, and that's what it is: cheap! It's easy to make a champion look arcade-y, but if you're gonna have the balls to slam him into the Battle Boss skin line then you have to put in the effort to ACTUALLY make him look like a Battle Boss, don't just give him spiky jewelry, glowing hair, and purple clothes, make him look like something out of the final levels of super mario or sonic the hedgehog, not this bs. POINT IS. Okay, fine. Give Yasuo as many skins as you want, but do them right. I don't want to have to see half-assed skins shoved in decent if not great skin-lines for the sake of y'all making an extra buck, because I'd honestly rather see a well-made Battle Boss Vel'Koz, a champion that EASILY fits into the theme, than a half-assed Battle Boss Yasuo, designed to be edgy and- well just edgy.
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