Silver and Judgement Kayle - Was re-creating them (including splash art) worth it?

More a question to riot than anything else. Silver Kayle is tipped to be one of those skins that you may never see in your LIFE. Those who do have it most likely don't play, and those who do may not play Kayle. To me the skin and it's splash are amazing, probably the best of the entire bunch. But the question is; Why? and whats the worth? As someone who currently owns every skin in the game that one can buy with money (so, none of the rare skins, only one of the gold skins), not only do i feel a little let down that in general, i cannot ever obtain and use these skins, but that they're not even forgotten. Riot could easily discontinue the skins and could of just reimbursed the player somehow, but they havn't. However, i'm reminded of Pax Sivir and Championship Riven. We have versions of these skins that distinguish themselves from their original counterpart, but still allow us to use the skins in some format. So why not Silver and Judgement Kayle? Even if you made them Gemstone only, atleast don't make all that effort go to waste, because i'd really love to see those two beautiful skins used, either by me or others.
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