Dark Cosmic Jhin Final Verdict

This will be a long post, as I'm giving freedback on everything besides the lore, which I don't believe is out yet. Now then, let us begin. **** # The Splashart **** https://i.imgur.com/u1TnNMU.jpg[] It shows the skin in all its glory, as it should. Jhin wading through a pool of universal energy, admiring the annihilation of a world in the palm of his hand. He calls himself a god, and in this splash, he certainly comes off as one. And, on top of it all, its beautiful. What more can I really say? **** # The Skin **** * Color wise, I feel that it is very similar to Blood Moon. * The effects are very nice. The galaxy on the inside of his cloak, the stars on his skin. Its very pleasing to look at. Very... Soothing. I also love the distortion around his right shoulder due to the black hole. Very nice. * It looks smooth. To me, at least. The cloak flows, his motions are fluid. Nothing appears to be stiff. * The abilities are nice. I love the constellations and the crystal flowers. More than anything, though, I love his ultimate. A mix of an aurora, a black hole, and constellations. Truly breathtaking. Its a shame only I can see it, really. * The abilities look nice, as does Whisper. * No face reveal! **** # The Animations **** https://youtu.be/XVIHxYbYed4 * **The Joke:** Could use a few more lines, honestly. I love the ones that are here, though. Very amusing. * **The Taunt:** Again, needs more lines. Very nice, though. * **The Dance:** Wasn't a fan at first, honestly, but it grew on me. * **The Laugh:** Not as sinister as I would have liked, but still nice. I do like his clapping as well. * **The Crits:** Okay so, guys, I noticed something. When Jhin crits, the barrel(aka his cane) is attached to Whisper. I love this little detail. I also love his twirl, and I will definitely run multi-IE with this skin because of that. * **The Q:** ~~What can I say? He throws it.~~ It was brought to my attention that he launches his Q from the black hole on his shoulder, and that he doesn't throw it. That's a nice detail. * **The W:** The cane just appearing out of nowhere and then disappearing is a bit odd, but I'm glad its there. * **The E:** The throw is a bit odd, honestly. He went from looking like he was blowing us a kiss to just tossing the thing on the ground. * **The R:** Whisper is not fully assembled for this skin. Instead, Jhin unleashed his true form and fires the shots from his hand instead. Its an odd choice, honestly, but it looks amazing. * **The Recall:** Like I said, its dramatic. I'd expect nothing less. * **The Death:** Oh... Oh no... Its so pretty. I'm not supposed to want him to die, Riot. What the fuck. That bow, though, and him becoming a constellation? Amazing. * **The Respawn:** Damn, that's cool as fuck. * **The Idle:** There are a few idle animations. In one, Jhin conjures up a star, looks at it, then flicks it away. In another, he looks around, tilting his head, as if he's curious or observing something. In another, he sits down, again tilting his head seemingly in curiosity before standing back up with a twirl. Very nice. * **The Walks:** Homeguard looks nice, very powerful looking. His fast walk and normal walk are both nice. **** # The Special Interactions **** https://youtu.be/w_-bYxgKQ3I Didn't think Jhin could be anymore of an asshole, but damn. "Cosmic garbage" is my new favorite insult. **** # The VO **** https://youtu.be/BsSPC5-FbM0 * Quinton Flynn returns! Yes! * Gives some incite into the lore of the Cosmic universe, as well as for Dark Cosmic Jhin. * Like I said, his joke and taunt could use more lines. * The effects on his voice are nice. I especially love the haunting chorus for this skin in particular. * The song that sometimes plays on his first move is very nice as well. * His signature Haiku is present, "In darkness, I dream, of a cold and silent world". * "A single bullet... To shatter the mirror of my own godhood" is I believe a reference to his classic splash art. * Overall, very terrifying. **** # Other **** * The icon and boarder are both nice. * It feels great to play. To me, at least. Especially with the crit animations on every shot, just twirling around without a care in the world. It feels nice. * The sound affects are nice. **** # What Can Be Improved **** * Sometimes, in the idle animation with the star, the star doesn't appear, so he's just playing with/flicking away nothing. * His arm(s) clip through his cloak sometimes, mainly the left one(s). **** # The Final Verdict **** I've waited a few months for this skin. You all knew how afraid I was. Would it have a face reveal? Would it be disappointing? There were so many concerns I had. Now that its here, I'm honestly relieved and overjoyed. My initial reaction to the reveal was just "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". I wanted to let out an excited scream, I really did, but my family was asleep, so all I could really do was that. I was overcome by emotion seeing that beautiful ultimate. Moved to tears, really. I can say with every degree of honesty that this skin is beyond what I was expecting for him. The skins team really did a good job with this, and I can not thank them enough for it. I started playing League 2 years ago. My first time playing Jhin was an experience, to say the very least. I got chills. To this day, I still do. But I've wanted to feel that feeling I got when I first heard his voice and first played him again. For 2 years I've been chasing that dragon, and I finally caught it. Dark Cosmic Jhin really reignited the passion I had for this character. I love it beyond words, and I don't think any of what I said here can really do how I feel justice. I feel like I'm missing some things, though. If you noticed anything I didn't, feel free to point it out. Also, you can ask me questions if you need me to elaborate on any of the things I said, since I'll admit, I was a bit vague.
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