Should League have an Official Webcomic? **There was at one point in time, a MOBA by the name of Dawngate being developed by EA. Though it looked promising, it was eventually cancelled due the game's inability to develop a large community by the end of it's Open Beta. I'm bringing up this story because Dawngate had an incredibly interesting way of developing it's lore which I honestly think League should adopt. It had a Webcomic, known as "The Dawngate Chronicles". ** Here's an example of some of the pages. **The comic was updated 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and had a few story arcs throughout it's run, usually with the focus of familiarizing readers with the Heroes in the game. It was good, like really freaking good. The art was amazing, the stories were engaging and fun, being able to see the characters you play as interact with their world and other Heroes, it was all just so well done. It is in my eyes, how MOBA lore should be handled. The Poppy and Ekko comics are some of the most well received pieces of Lore ever created, Why can't a Webcomic be the main way League's stories are told?**
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