My feelings about the non-black colours of Pentakill skills [[Image source]]( Please Riot, make them BLACK. Is it really that hard? Pentakill Kayle looks really good, and you pulled it off with an all-black skin, just with some clever use of lighting and dark grey to make the different parts very easy to spot. I do not like the purple, blue or brown used for Karthus, Mordekaiser, Sona or Yorick. They look like members of other bands with other images, especially Sona and Yorick. The style is there, the colours are not. It does not feel like a band with a common theme. Style: 10/10 Colouring: 2/10 Bring them back... BACK IN BLACK! **#PentakillBackInBlack** --- I'm not the only one with such an opinion: [PENTAKILL SONA TEXTURE UPDATE??!? BLUE?]( [ As much as I love that you're "improving" Pentakill Morde's model, I don't really like the helmet]( [An edited picture how the updated Pentakill Sona should look like](
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