In Regards to New Support Champion

So we have a support champion coming up that is supposed to be a enchanter and also a cat (which I love). I wanted to put some suggestions out for how this could look. Design: I am imagining a young female kitten/cat who is kind of a bookworm and is really into studying magic (Imagine twilight sparkle from MLP or tony stark or other smart nerds). I see her as having nice robes and a hood to pull up during her travels. She wears gloves with her paws sticking thru (like gamer gloves that dont have fingertips) and her ears are at the top of her head just like a real cat. Normal kitten features (no human features other than walking on 2 legs). Personality: She is nervous at times and uses humor as a coping mechanism. She likes to flip thru her book at random times to remind herself of the spells she needs (maybe use this in her recall). No staff or other magic weapon, she uses her paws to cast magic. I imagine she uses shields quite a bit. Another funny thing to add: she could have an ability where her magic bounces around (comically like in some movies if someone shoots or fires something and it bounces before hitting someone in the face). She shouldnt be as cocky and confident as Tristana, she should be quieter ( imagine a young kitten's mew). She doesnt care about power just knowledge and helping others. Magic: not sure what color her magic could be, maybe some gold or purple, even blue. Her autoattack could be an orb of energy. When she casts a spell she struggles a bit and says things like "Glad thats over" or "That was tough". Essentially she vocalizes her feelings as she uses her magic. She is a support so maybe some lines about having other folks' backs. As for the appearance of her magic energy, it could be smooth and gentle like a flowing river, rather than erratic or aggressive looking like Syndra or Swain's magic. Sounds and VO: she should sound like a kid (or what a kitten kid would sound like) and talk about things kids like: mention getting ice cream cones, games other fun stuff that would add some humor to a serious situation. If she does major dmg (ultimate even) she can exclaim as if it were an accident. Her magic can have a light smooth sound (think elementalist lux). As for Taunts: something about fighting but in a wierd way such as: PUT UP YOUR DUTES....uum....dude!" (as if she forgot the enemy's name). Maybe some lines referencing other characters: "Xerath? Aren't you too old for this playground?" or "Garen! Wow your taller than I thought" just random musing that go with her being a kitten. Other stuff: She should be very fluffy like a kitten and even be looking around when walking or standing. As for skins: idk maybe an elemental skin? ik i barely scratched the surface but these are my thoughts on "Cat champion" and im excited for when she gets here. I love cats so im looking forward to his. If my suggestions can be considered as well as any others who have thoughts on this, id be real happy. Anyways thanks for listening to me rant.

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