Current status for the skin splash art update treatment

Hey guys, Moonboy65 here bringing you another update on the current status for the skin splash art update!!! The recent release of the Ryze rework came with a brand new set of splash arts, Reav3 has also confirmed that they have started early work on Sion, Yorick and Fiora!!! With so many champions left, I bring you the current list: Alistar - Black, Golden, Matador, Longhorn, Unchained and Infernal Annie - Red Riding, Annie in Wonderland, Prom Queen, Frostfire, Reverse and FrankenTibbers Fiora - Royal Guard and Nightraven (NOTE: the art team has begun early work on them) Gangplank - Spooky, Minuteman, Sailor and Toy Soldier Garen - Sanguine, Desert Trooper and Commando Heimerdinger - Alien Invader, Blast Zone, Piltover Customs and Snowmerdinger Karma - Sun Goddess, Sakura and Traditional Karthus - Phantom, Statue of Karthus and Grim Reaper Kassadin - Festival, Deep One, Pre-Void and Harbinger Maokai - Charred, Totemic, Festive and Haunted Miss Fortune - Cowgirl, Waterloo, Secret Agent, Candy Cane, Road Warrior and Mafia Morgana - Exiled, Sinful Succulence, Blackthorn and Ghost Bride (probably some small changes) Nasus - Galactic, Pharaoh, Dreadknight and Riot K-9 Renekton - Outback, Bloodfury and Rune Wars Sion - Hextech, Barbarian, Lumberjack and Warmonger (NOTE: the art team has begun early work on them) Sivir - Warrior Princess, Spectacular, Huntress and Bandit Sona - Muse, Silent Night, Guqin and Arcade Twitch - Kingpin, Whistler Village, Medieval, Gangster and Vandal Warwick - Grey, Urf the Manatee Warwick, Big Bad, Feral, Firefang and Hyena (once his rework arrives that is) Yorick - Undertake and Pentakill (only Yorick gets updated in that one) (NOTE: the art team has begun early work on them as his rework is coming soon) Let me know which champion(s) are you most excited to see, I have been following these ever since the Poppy rework and look at were we are now. As of today, 7 champions have received new skin splash arts, and they are not stopping!!! Sona, Alistar and Sion are some of my most played supports and I am pretty excited to see how they will updated their splash arts.

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