What would you consider to be Eve's thematic archetype ??

With Eve's full VGU coming around at some point this year , I am curious to know what everyone thinks that is the in game fantasy that Eve is suppost to fulfill. It's curious , because many possible fantasies that riot could come to give her , are already taken by champions whose release was after hers. She could have been the assassin that works with the shroud of darkness , but Nocturne is in the game. Isolation could be nice , but Kha already has that. A shadow related assassin, then again, Zed is in the game. AAAA yes , a hunter that works from stealth , o wait , Rengar. I really am curious the see what Riot does in that regard , to make Eve feel more unique not only as a champion , but for the fantasy that she fulfills to be unique as well. One that I had considerd would be unique , would be to give her a full dominatrix fantasy (She has glimpses of it now , but I am talking taking it way over the top). But I am not sure that Riot would do something like that + they said that they want to keep her stealth , that kinda says a different fantasy for her.
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