Honestly speaking, dark cosmic Jhin's splash art looks cheap.

Captured with Lightshot
It just looks bad in my opinion. It's missing something and looks like a fan made splash art instead. Something I would find on Woxxy's website. Don't get me wrong, there're obviously thing that look nice, like the gun, the shoulder plate and the crumbling planet. But his face (especially that eye) look just horrible. It's so flat and nothing like I'm used to. Let's look at other Dark Star themed skins. Dark Star Thresh: http://prntscr.com/nvjewx Dark Star Kha'Zix: http://prntscr.com/nvjfae They both have a similar color scheme, yet look atleast 10x as good. They aren't blurred or ruffly sketched on most areas and it just shows. I don't even think the splash needs that much of a change. Just the eye and those blue hands look really bad. Almost oldschool like. Something I'd see in 2013. I really hope Jhin's skin's splash art is just a beta version and gets a work over. I'm really not a fan.

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