What are the various ship designs of the factions? (Q3 of 5)

Hm, now this is tricky to explain my reasoning and here it is mainly speculation of the various types. So I'll just put my own thoughts to help figure out what parts are developed where and what was stolen from other factions to another. (I couldn't paste images so to participate might have to find them yourself.. oh bother). ----**Everything below is just my concept and thoughts of the question above to help reach an answer** -----If you feel like it any one region of ship design information and or build concepts. Due to this story's main ship if you have guessed it by this point is a amalgamation of the various regions tech. (Which also gives an excuse as to why they are traveling to the various regions and why I'm gathering so much information). ---- Any ideas for ship designs and or concepts for the ship to have are still open, but meh whose going to read this.... its so long. Noxus - From looking at the images Noxian Battleships are massive almost squares with sails on the sides that can be raised upward as some sort of cover. Reminds me of a sand ship that uses the sails for the same purpose. - However, they have smaller vessels as well making me question the usefulness of these monstrosities, which are actually bigger in height than my stories ship. - The larger ones are made of metal making them hard to break, so their technology must be adequate enough for advanced methods of construction, but even so, the ships are bulky and hold the feel of Noxus. - One thing I have to say is, the ship Gangplank stole from Swain (Can't find the image for the life of me) looked much more along the lines of a battleship. Demacia: - I can't really find any ships, but if I had to guess from artwork caravel like ships or trade gallons seem to be the norm. But I think that's because Noxus hasn't really attacked them by sea due to the long travel time it would take and the tactical disadvantage. - There's a chance though that they could have ships like Warhammer kinda feel where they are fortresses on the water, but haven't seen any. Bildgewater: - Basically pirate ships, but I have heard and read from stories that ships from all over gather their evidence being the Nautilus story, the Harrowing miss fortune one, and a few others excluding gangplanks demise with his stolen flagship. - However, compared to real life pirate ships these ships are a lot bigger and have themes relating to their gods and tales etched into the design - Cannon and weapon designs from all over seem to intertwine with curses and magic which is probably what makes them so dangerous against factions like Noxus (Who seem to be the only people with an actual navy). Ionia: --Hmmm any ships I've found just seem small and in the background. And due to the war with Noxus, I know that in terms of military sea vessels they have none. -- Most likely though if ships were made here, the materials would be top quality. Freljord: - Basically Viking ships, but I believe from one stories description that there are massive versions of them that are multilayered. Piltover and Zaun: -The most important faction group that I need to look at and.... Pretty much nothing. They talk about diving suits, there's also the story that tells but doesn't show a Piltover trading ship -Most likely though I'm guessing they have an adequate naval force probably supplied by the rich noble group to manage the sea bridge otherwise noxus might have started something. - Since the city is a major trading point however I think that they have ships from all over and most likely some form of coastal artillery that may negate the need for a naval force. Shurima... - I think I saw a tiny skiff on the river Thankyou for reading.
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